NYS Education Department Letter of Support

July 2017

Dear Science Educators,

The 122nd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Science Teachers Association of New York State

will be held in Rochester, New York, November 4 - 6 , 2017. With this year’s theme of “Science – Now in

3D,” the STANYS Conference will offer workshops in all science subjects focused on the three dimensional

teaching and learning implicit in the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards. A new feature for

2017 will be half day intensive Institutes for Elementary, Intermediate, Earth Science, Biology/Living

Environment, Chemistry, and Physics/Applied Sciences teachers led by STANYS subject representatives.

Participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the new Standards, explore resources,

lessons and aspects of 3D teaching in the classroom and share strategies to meet the needs of all students in

science. On Monday November 6 th Paul Andersen of Bozeman Science will be returning to offer another

deep dive into tools and methods for developing NYSP-12SLS curriculum in a special day-long session.

The 2017 Keynote speaker is Dr. Mathias Vuille, from the University at Albany. Prof. Vuille will focus on

the scientific aspects of climate change, including observed and projected impacts on society. He will discuss

changes that will have to be made to reduce community vulnerabilities and build more resilient systems. The

Fellows speaker is award-winning, author Dava Sobel. Her best-selling books include “Longitude,” and

Galileo’s Daughter.” She will be sharing her latest book “The Glass Universe,” the story of women

“computers” at Harvard during the 19 th and 20 th century recruited to observe and analyze data collected of the


The three invited speakers will address exciting and current topics in the news. Dr. Ronald Limberger, a

scientist with the NYS Department of Health who will be speaking on the race to test and understand the

effects of Zika virus on humans. Dr. Jason Nordhaus from RIT will be sharing updates on his research on the

historic discovery of gravity waves and their use as a tool to study neutrino stars and black holes. Dr. Lauren

Oldfield scientist at the J. Craig Venter Institute, will present on the creation of artificial genomes in DNA

viruses. These may be used as vectors for vaccines, therapeutics and in treating melanoma.

The New York State Education Department welcomes this opportunity to join with STANYS in support of

their mission to promote excellence in science education and to provide opportunities for all students to

participate in and learn science. We appreciate STANYS’ ongoing efforts to raise standards and student

achievement in science and encourage all teachers and administrators with an interest in enhancing science

education to take this opportunity to attend this conference. It is through continual support of high level

professional growth that highly effective teaching becomes the mainstay and norm in our schools.

Please consult the STANYS website, www.stanys.org, for additional conference registration information and

the benefits of becoming a member of your New York State professional science teachers association.

Contact Information:
PO Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089-2121

Contact: webmaster@stanys.org

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