Registration Information: NEW Retiree Member

New Member:
An individual that has never been a STANYS member or membership has expired past the grace period.

Has my membership expired past the grace period? When you apply for membership and you find your email is still in the system, you'll know your membership has not expired past the grace period. You can do a password recovery, log in to the website and renew your membership.

Conference Registration

  • Membership: It is necessary for you to sign up as a STANYS Retiree Member before registering for the Conference by using this link, Join Us Now or the link at the top right hand side of the page.  This allows you to access the Retired Member Conference Rate.

    You will receive a "Membership Activation" email and a "Login Information" email which will contain Member Login information for the website. If you are not already logged in once you complete the membership process, log in to the website and register for the Conference event.

  • Conference Registration: As a member, make sure you are logged in to the website and access the registration page for members, STANYS Conference Registration - Members, from the main menu "Registration Main Page" dropdown list. You will be billed at the Retired Member Conference rate. As you submit your Conference Registration you will be asked to select a payment option. 
Instructions Related to Payment -
Credit Card Payment
: If you intend to pay using a credit card (Pay Online), you may pay for Membership renewal and Conference Registration with one payment.  To do this select "Invoice Me" for your Membership payment and then select "Pay Online" for your Conference payment - both should be bundled for the final online payment calculation.  Otherwise, you may select "Pay Online" for each individually .

Check Payment: If you are paying by Check, select "Invoice Me" for each payment. You will receive an Invoice Email for the payment amounts.  Your registration to the Conference will be "Pending" our receiving payment.

Contact Information:
PO Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089-2121

Contact: webmaster@stanys.org

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