Family Members

  • Spouse/Life Partner/Children Full Conference option is available from the main Registration menu. This Event Registration option is only for a Member's Spouse/Life Partner and Member's Children and is only for the Full Conference (Saturday - Monday)
  • Conference Registration: As a member, make sure you are logged in to the website and access the registration page for Family Members, STANYS Conference Registration - Family Members, from the main menu. As you submit your Conference Registration you will be asked to select a payment option. (See below for instructions related to payment.)
Instructions Related to Payment -
Credit Card Payment
: If you intend to pay using a credit card (Pay Online), select "Pay Online" for your Conference payment .

Check Payment: If you are paying by Check, select "Invoice Me" for payment. You will receive an Invoice Email for the payment amount.  Your registration to the Conference will be "Pending" our receiving payment.

Contact Information:
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Liverpool, NY 13089-2121

Contact: webmaster@stanys.org

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